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I would like to share my experience with the best yoga teacher in the Outaouais.


I knew nothing about yoga but I believed in the benefits of yoga. Thanks to Julie, I started to practice. One day I described to her the pains that I going through because of my chemotherapy treatments. She saw me crying and understood my fears during my process. She suggested to me to try yoga.   

In her classes, Julie made me discover another world and it was thanks to her personal attention that I was able to allow my body to start breathing again, as well as to be able to handle the stress of what I was experiencing.  

Julie is more than a yoga teacher, she is very attentive to the needs of everyone and she has the spiritual magic of what we seek and knows how to make us live the serenity in a Zen journey. She has a natural intelligence inside herself. 

Julie I will never thank you for all the energy you gave me during my treatments. The tone of your voice was searching for me deep within myself. Today my pain is 90% gone and yoga is part of my daily life. I am so happy that you have pursued your dream. I hope you will continue very long. In any case, I envy the people of the Outaouais who live near you. I miss you a lot. I love you and I will love you forever.


I have been practicing yoga with Julie since the opening of the Omni Shanti studio. 

For years I have been told that yoga would be beneficial to me considering the neurological disorder that has affected me since a road accident in 2002.  However, it is very intimidating to try a new activity when you have physical limitations. We are afraid to disturb or to fail. We are afraid of not being able to be humiliated or to experience disappointment. We are also afraid of getting hurt because of our physical condition.  

 In spite of all these fears I tried the experience following the reception of and advertisement from the studio which I believe arrived as "a sign of the universe" one day in my mailbox! Since then, I have less pain, more flexibility and more confidence in me!   Julie has the well-being of her students at heart and has succeeded in transmitting her love of yoga and the benefits it provides.

 I want to do it every day! I encourage everyone to try the experience! 

Thank you Julie for the quality of life that your courses bring me, I cannot say it enough!

Continuously on the road, my yoga moments at Omni Shanti allow me to recharge my batteries as well as take care of all my pains from my shows.

I started last year. My goal was to increase my flexibility and remove some ailments, especially in my back where the ‘’knots of a percussionist’’ are usually found. I thought I was in shape after all these years of sports and thousands of percussion shows.  Yet, in the first class I discovered that my form was good, but only at specific places. As soon as it was a question of flexibility of the lower body, I realized was trying too hard to get to the goal as quickly as possible and without any real success.


As a result, the course with Julie forced me to take my time and focus on the present moment and concentrate on my breathing. The ultimate goal, that of stretching a muscle to a certain point for example, was not really the true goal. On the contrary, it is about being simply in the present. And it’s funny to say, but I find that mental challenge of emptying one’s worries is the key for me to achieving my goals and getting my body back in shape. I just love it!


Big thank to you Julie and I cannot wait for our next class.  


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