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OMNI definition : Everything, everywhere and everyone.    SHANTI definition : Peace, calm and serenity.


Definition of OMNI SHANTI :  Peace, serenity, calm for ALL, inside and outside the body, heart and mind. And this, EVERYWHERE and AT ALL TIMES with humanity and love of oneself.

Our mission

Our vision and our passion are to teach, accompany and bring a new positive energy to all, regardless of the situation or the challenges of your personal life.

One meeting will be enough in order to create a customized YOGA that will suit your needs. 

Our classes are practiced with love, calm, energy and at a personal pace. It is important to go one step at a time.

Classes are open to people of all ages and all physical conditions. They are done without judgment, without comparison and without competition. We simply strive to achieve your personal goals and achieve a higher physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Types of classes offered


Omni Yoga

The teacher guides each individual to rediscover and reconnect with the "Self" inside and outside.

This course is designed specifically for people 50 years and older.
This course is adapted and composed of exercises standing up or the ground on a yoga mat.

This course is designed specifically for people who have weaker knees, wrists, hips or backs.

These sessions are for those who want to make a change by returning to oneself, or who are looking for a flexible and accessible way to review certain aspects of their lives.

This "customized" yoga is adapted to a specific need and is given in the place of your choice. No matter the condition of life, we can create the YOGA that will suit your needs and bring a ray of sunshine into your day!

Whether for it is a short break to refocus, to "stretch" or to increase its effectiveness at work, yoga  for business has proven itself effective and as a good investment that re energizes the team spirit. 

Reviews from our clients


"In her classes, Julie made me discover another world and it was thanks to her personal attention that I was able to allow my body to start breathing again, as well as to be able to manage the stress of what I was living.''

'' I am constantly on the road. When i'm back, my moments of yoga permits me to recharge my batteries and undue any stress or pains accumulated during my shows. I love it! ''

Denis, percussionist


(819) 790-3207

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867 Boulevard Saint-René O, Gatineau, QC J8T 7X6

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