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About us

Julie Fournier

Founder of Omni Shanti

A natural caregiver since adolescence, life has constantly put me on the path of life of people in need of light such friends, colleagues, customers and family. I have always had the ability to understand people and to make them see the best of themselves or to help them find a way to get there.

In a natural and intuitive way, I bring a little light in the lives of people and guide them. I comfort them and I make them discover a new version of themselves accessible thru self-discipline and self-love.

As a business manager and human resources manager for eight years as well as a designer for 13 years, I have developed the skills to understand, analyze and guide people of all ages. Regardless of the situation or the need. I live my passion around the challenges of life that are all different for everyone.

I discovered yoga more than ten years ago during a difficult ordeal in my personal life. It was a love at first sight!

During a personalized yoga session, I discovered within me a beautiful, strong and unique person. I found myself and I was able to recreate a new version of myself, filled with gratitude, love, serenity and inner peace.

My approach to yoga is above all intuitive, gentle and comprehensive, sometimes relaxing, sometimes energetic. I am receptive and available and I use a rich experience of life.

Take the time to meditate on this sentence: "Nothing comes from nothing! "


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Our proud partners

The companies who believe in Omni Shanti

We are very proud and honored to announce the participation of the BDC and the FUTURPRENEUR programs who saw the potential, believed in our project and invested in the startup of our company THANK YOU !!!


Our appreciation also goes to the following companies and partner who take advantage of the outstanding services of our company.

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